Be A Pack Leader Dog Walking Club, St. Augustine, Florida

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Dog Walking Club Celebrates 5 Years Walking With Dogs

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Posted: June 30, 2013 - 12:59am

Special to The Record

Be a Pack Leader Dog Walking Club recently celebrated with a five-year anniversary dog party for 35 dogs and one Lucky Dog K9 Ice Cream Truck.

The club came about because of Chancellor, a dog Julie Parker adopted seven years ago. Chancellor had no social skills and was very re-active around other dogs. Parker tried to get others in her neighborhood with dogs to walk as a pack, but no one wanted to that’s when she decided to reach out to the larger St. Augustine community.

The club started with dog walks in local and state parks, beaches and historic downtown St. Augustine. Members sometimes pack picnic lunches or stop to dine at dog friendly restaurants. Some of the dogs and their humans who participate in the club have never walked with a pack of dogs.

It’s a great way to help socialize dogs and get exercise too, Parker said. Parker is credited by the group with having had the foresight to realize that these dogs and their humans could be helped by walking in a pack in different environments— and thus was born “Be A Pack Leader Dog Walking Club”. Over the years the walks have included up to 30 dogs.

The club also organizes free canine educational programs at local libraries including topics like: “Dog Aggression”, Dog Training, “Commercial Dog Food Ingredients,” “A Night with the Pit Bull Sisters of Jacksonville,” “Preparing for the Aging Dog”with St Johns Veterinary Clinic, SJC K9 Unit, Red Cross emergency training and CPR for dogs as well as many other instructional programs.

The club has partnered with the St. Augustine Humane Society, and offers dog training scholarships to dogs that otherwise might be relinquished to shelters because of behavior problems.