Be A Pack Leader Dog Walking Club Be A Pack Leader Dog Walking Club Treats For The Dogs Now These Are Hungry Dogs!!!!! 54258247 Bohdi I'm Ready For A Walk Mom! 54258248 Waiting To Start The Walk Lets Stop Talking And Walk! 54258249 The Pack Leader Banner The How To Be A Pack Leader Program At The Southeast Branch Library Starts Soon! 54258250 Rene and Allison with Custom K-9 We Really Do Want To Be A Pack Leader ! 54258251 Custom K-9 Pack Leader Program Ok Rene, At The Next Walk My Dog Will Be Walking By My Side And Not Pulling! 54258252 Ravine Gardens Dog Walk Everybody Smile! 54258253 Ravine Gardens Trail Wow! This Is A Steep Trail! 54258254 The River To Sea Walk Co-Pack Leader Annie says "What A Lovely Day For A Walk" 54258256 The River To Sea Beach Walk A Wonderful and Sunny Day At The Beach! 54258257 River To Sea Trail Walk We're Having Fun With The Dogs! 54258258 Princess Place Preserve Walk A Beautiful And Cool Day For A Walk! 54258259 River to Sea Walk Daisy Is Walking Very Nice! Good Dog! 54258261 River To Sea Walk Chance Says Take A Picture Of Me Mom! 54258262 The Pack Leader Cake It's a 1 Year Anniversary Party For The Be A Pack Leader Dog Walking Club. The Cake Was Tasty! 54258263 Dog Walk A Walk At The Lake 54289277 Pack Leader Original Accessories Ask Us How You Can Get One Of These Accessories! 54479848 We Just Love To Walk We Took A Walk After The Pack Leader Party 54258264 A Pack Leader Polo Shirt You Can Have One Of These Shirts Too! 54479849 Canine CPR Class Paul Studivant, SJC Animal Control Division Chief demonstrates CPR 59976179 Valentines Day Small Dog Walk It sure was fun walking the small dogs on Valentine's Day all dressed in red at the Sea Grove Community off A1A! 59978246 Whats In Your Pets Food George Dencer, owner of Paradise Poochie, A Pet Emporium talks about fillers, bad fats, no grain fractions, rendered animal by-products and preservatives in pet foods at the southeast branch library. 69769781 Christmas Caroling In Hawaiian Isle Estates Christmas Caroling and Lunch at Finnegans Wake on a warm December Sunday afternoon. 69835613 Dr. Ann Silverness Talks with Guests Dr. Ann Silverness discusses canine issues at" Healthy Healing For Dogs" program at southeast branch library February 22nd 71216765 Dr. Ann Silverness and Julie Parker Dr. Ann Silverness and Julie Parker after the "Healthy Healing For Dogs" Program. What an informative program! Thanks, Dr. Ann! 71216877 Moses Creek Dog Walk Finally We Have A Beautiful Day For A Dog Walk! 72008139 The 3 Huskies Join The Walk At Moses Creek We Had Dogs The Size of Huskies, Great Danes And Chihuahuas Join Us On The Walk! Everyone Had Lots Of Fun! 72009412 Sunrise Beach Dog Walk It Was Early To Get Up For A Dog Walk But Well Worth It! 80869082 Guana River State Park Dog Walk Resting By The Tolomato River After Our Dog Walk 80870145 I Would Love To Walk Now That The Weather is Cooler Chance Is Ready To Walk 83677282 Boarding The Victory III Boat All Dog Walkers Board The Boat After Our Downtown Dog Walk 83677594 What A Beautiful Day For A Cruise The Sheepdogs Are Given Plenty Of Water While On The Top Deck Of The Scenic Cruise Victory III Boat 83677784 Matanzas Inlet Dog Walk What A Beautiful Evening Dog Walk At The Inlet 88131744 Matanzas Inlet Restaurant We Has A Great Time Dining On The Deck Of The Matanzas Inlet Restaurant 88131745 Making New Friends On The Dog Walk Just Setting Around Relaxing Waiting On Some Good Food At The Mantanzas Inlet Restaurant 88131746 A Great Sign On The Deck Of The Matanzas Inlet Restaurant The Be A Pack Leader Dog Walking Club Likes This Sign At The Restaurant And We Will Be Back To Dine With Our Dogs Soon 88131747 Time Out Water Break! Just A Short Break To Rest and Water Down The Dogs 88131748 Julie Parker and Annie Parker Pack Leaders Julie and Annie Take A Break After A Walk With Their Beloved Dogs Chance, Maddie and Lexie 90887093 Lexie Lexie Is The Newest Member Of Julie's Pack. She Was My SAFE Foster That I Couldn't Let Go. This July 2010 She Received Her Canine Good Citizen Certification. 99660825 Hugo Hugo Is A Regular At The Dog Walks and Always Enjoys A Treat Before and After A Walk! 99661452 Everybody Say Cheeseburgers Timeout for a picture on the dock before picnicking at Historic Bulow Creek Plantation. What a glorious day it was for a walk and picnic. 99661945 Bulow Creek State Park Everyone is relaxing after the Bulow Creek Plantation Dog Walk and Picnic. 99662540 For the Love of Dogs Pattie Standing With Her Beloved Dog Sheppard Cyrus Who Sadly Passed In September 2010. Cyrus and Bohdi Are Great Examples of Well Behaved Dogs. 109147954 An Autumn Dog Walk A Beautiful Walk In The Woods With Dogs 109147955 Checking Out A Trail Annie And Julie Checking Out A Trail At Bayard Conservation Area With Their Dogs Maddie And Lexie 109147956 What A Great Day For A Walk Annie And Julie Walking And Talking As They Check Out A Trail. 109147957 Neko Did You Say It Is Time To Walk? I Would Rather Run Or At Least Pull Something. That Is What A Husky Does! 111484895 Koby I Know I Look Handsome In My Scarf But I Am Ready To Go For A Nice Long Walk. That Is What Dogs Enjoy. We Do Not Like Sitting Around The House All Day Doing Nothing! 111484896 Chance On This Walk I Hope There Will Be Sheep To Herd! 111484897 Bijou You Want Me To Walk In All That Pine Straw And Dirt? I Would Rather Be Carried. I Am A Maltese And I Was Meant To Be Spoiled! 111484898 Martha And Brandy You Want Me To Carry What In My Backpack? I Just Can Not Do It. Do Not Forget I Am 14 Years Old! 111484899 Graham Swamp Conservation Area A Cool And Sunny Day For A Dog Walk At The Graham Swamp Consevation Area Rails To Trails. 114658933 Sheepherding Posing For A Picture At The Shielin Sheep Farm In Micanopy Florida. What A Fun Day It Was For Everyone. 128704068 Chancellor At The Farm Chancellor Had A Good Time At Shielin Sheep Farm In Micanopy. 128704069 Camille And Skeeter Camille And Skeeter Had A Wonderful Time At The Farm Too! 128704070 Chance Herds The Sheep Austrialian Shepperd Chance Gets Ready To Herd Sheep. 128704071 Koby And The Sheep Bobby And Koby Prepare To Meet The Sheep In The Open Field. 128704072 Valentine's Day Walk We All Pose Under A Beautiful Tree Before Stopping For Breakfast At The Tasting Room A Spanish Deli. 128704073 Pacetti Road Pet Spa Herding Event Everyone Watches As Master Sheepherder Mac Macgreger Works His Sheep Herding Dogs. 136665906 Master Sheepherder Mac Macgreger Mac Talks To The Crowd About The Art Of Sheepherding 136665907 John Carter From Shielin Farm John Carter Describes To The Audience The Herding Techniques Mac Uses With His Border Collies And The Sheep 136665908 Julie And Rusty Little Rusty From Shielin Farm Enjoys The Attention At The Sheepherding Event 136665909 A Border Collie Cools Down One Of Mac's Dogs Cools Off In The Pacetti Road Pet Spa Dog Pool 136665910 Shielin Farm Sheep The Sheep Cool Down In The Shade 136665911 Mac Macgreger Mac Discusses His Life in Ireland And Breeding The Best Working Border Collies in The Country. He Tells Us That His Dogs Are Bred To Herd Cattle And Sheep 136665912 Annie Introduces Mac And John Annie Introduces Mac And John And Thanks Pacetti Road Pet Spa For Allowing Us To Hold This One Of A Kind Sheepherding Event In St. Augustine 136665913 Socializing At The Party Dogs And People Do A Little Socializing Exibiting Great Positive And Calm Energy 136665917 Ginger And Chloe Best Friends Enjoying Quality Time Together At The Party 136665919 A Great Day For A Party It Was A Fun Day In April For A Party With 17 Well Behaved Dogs 136665920 Princess Place Dog Walk It's Always A Good Day For A Walk At Princess Place Preserve 136665921 Princess Place Preserve A View Of Pelicer Creek 136665922 Still Walking After All These Years Don't You Just Love Those Shade Trees In Florida When It's Hot Outside 136665923 Princess Place Marsh View A Beautiful View Of The Marsh At Princess Place Preserve In Flagler County 136665924 Easter Egg Hunt A Great Day For A Doggie Easter Egg Hunt At Princess Place After Our Dog Walk 136665925 Chris, Bailey and Harley Everyone Is Having Such Fun Finding Easter Eggs Full Of Fresh Turkey Meat 136665926 Hugo And Milo Hugo And Milo Want Mom And Dad To Get That Egg Open Fast So They Can Eat That Delcious Turkey Hidden Inside 136665927 Bijou Bijou Stands Alongside All Her Eggs She Found At The Easter Egg Hunt 136665928 Lake Maria Sanchez Dog Walk It Was A Beautiful Day In January 2012 For A Walk Around Lake Maria Sanchez 156528873 A Cold Valentine's Day Fundraiser 2012 It Was A Cold 40 Degrees In February For Our Pack Leader Dog Training Scholarship Fundraiser 156528874 Chancellor and Hugo Relaxing After The Easter Egg Hunt 136665931 Sunrise Beach Walk Thanks Annie For Organizing This Beautiful Dog Walk 136665932 156529987 Dog Bite Prevention Program 156529988 Princess Place Preserve (2012) 156529989 Princess Place Preserve 156529990 156529991 156529992