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Be A Pack Leader Dog Walking Club St. Augustine Florida

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About Me

Hi,  This is Pasha, our Golden Retriever. She was adopted in Arizona, and she has traveled and moved from coast to coast from California to Florida to New York City and back again. Yes, you can move and/or travel from coast to coast with a big dog and cats too.

Pasha was our first dog. It has been an experience. She is very bossy and dominant, and has loved out smarting us. The fact is she had us fooled for a long time. So, it was hard, but she was a commitment matter what, so we knew we would have to learn to communicate with her. We took the petsmart puppy classes, twice, as she was the worst in class, very embarrassing, as we had 10 year olds training their puppies, who were learning faster then us. But, I soon figured out that Pasha had learned everything, but was choosing whether she would do it for us or not. So, we had a huge learning curve. The classes were guaranteed, so we didn't just take 8 classes, we went back every week for two years, as much as possible. We then took the Basic, Intermediate, and her favorite class where she excelled was Click A Trick class, she loved learning to do things, instead of being controlled in obedience class. She was bored in Obedience but she bloomed in Trick class. We should have taken Trick class first, right after Puppy Class, so she could have really enjoyed learning to communicate with us as more fun.

The Golden Retriever book said that Goldens are smart but will find obedience class boring, but most Goldens will excell in a Trick class, and then love learning at a much faster level.

We are now in St Augustine, so Pasha can go to the beach for two hours every day. She loves swimming, clamming, fishing, digging, fetching and running. Her favorite is low tide, playing in the tidal pools and wading in the shallow water for hours looking for fish or clams. This is the only place for the hot 6 months in St Augustine where she can play outside and stay cool too.

Moving to Florida, Pasha did have bad hair days and stinky hair. So, we learned about vinegar. We get home, she is rinsed, then vinegar is put in each ear, prevents any ear infections and drys the ear, and then she is sprayed down with vinegar and air dry. No more stinky dog. The vinegar kills the yeast which kills the stinky smell. Amazing. I could not believe the difference when we first used it.

And no more ear infections. Healthy dry ears all the time due to daily vinegar in the ears. Has saved a lot on vet bills.

We love the dog walks with the group here. Pasha is not dog friendly, even though she was socialized a lot, she has had bad experiences with other dogs at dog parks, so no longer likes other dogs in her face.

So, please say Hi, but just don't let your dog Meet N Greet in Pasha's face, as she doesn't like face greetings. Pasha does fine on the dog walks, and likes walking with everyone.

We have been taking Dog Agility classes at DogWood Dog Park. Lots of fun, we are now in Intermediate/Advanced.Only take classes in the winter, as Pasha hates the hot six months.

Dog Agility is another great way to increase your communication with your dog and help you work as a team and is a great dog sport for dogs of any size and any breed.

We also have done some Canine Freestyle or known as Doggy Dancing as well. A fun sport to practice inside in the air conditioning.

More later...

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9:47 AM on April 24, 2011

March 3, 2009
By: Ty Hinton
The St. Augustine Pack Leader Dog Walkers Group visiting Princess Park in Flagler County for a dog walk on the trails under the Live Oaks draped in Spanish Moss. From left, standing are Sandy Lenny and dog Ellington, Dave and Gwen Westfall with dogs Jeffrey and Maggie, Rene Hofstetter with Woody and Hooch, Kim Barr with Kyla and Allison Hofstetter with Boo Boo. From left to right kneeling are Marilyn Matsel with Kali and QT, Annie Parker with Mattie, Karen Lewis with Bijou, Julie Parker with Chance, Martha Cote with Brandy, Bobby Parker with Coby and Beth Scanlan with Pasha.
Reply Beth
10:35 AM on December 23, 2010 
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7:55 AM on March 31, 2010 
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Pasha Golden Retriever
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8:36 AM on November 3, 2009 
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8:35 AM on November 3, 2009 
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