Be A Pack Leader Dog Walking Club, St. Augustine, Florida

"A Dog Connects You to Nature"

Dog Walking Rules

1.  There shall be no nipping, snapping, lunging, growling or strong staring at other dogs.  Sometimes dogs with these issues will show up at our dog walks.  If they do, they may be asked to wear a RED Bandanna and walk a safe distance away from the pack.  At the discreation of the person leading the walk the dog and owner may be asked to leave.  (Please do not allow your dog to intrude upon the space of a RED Bandanna Dog.) In some cases a dog may have to wear a muzzle to participate.

2.  Dogs must be on a 6 foot leash. No flex or retractable leashes.  These leashes are great for wide open areas like beaches or woods but NOT when you're walking with a pack of dogs.

3.  Limit nose sniffing at the beginning of the dog walk.  Over the last four years we've found that's when trouble starts and can be an unpredictable time.  Many dogs don't like their space invaded and this time is better spent getting your dog under control.  After the walk when the dogs are tired is a better time to meet and greet.

4.  Try walking your dog on the left side of your body beside you.  This is how it's taught in most dog obedience classes.

5. If your small leashed dog can't keep up please carry him/her.  The little dogs get tired and it makes since to help them finish the walk but let them finish the walk on their own four paws.  This improves their confidence.

6.  Always carry clean-up bags and plenty of water for you and your dog(s)

We'd like to say that the most important thing concerning the dog walks is safety and for you to be your dog's pack leader.  We hope everyone will enjoy themselves, have fun, get some exercise and meet new friends.

Happy Dog Walking!

Participation In These FREE Dog Walks Assumes Some Level of Uncertainty and Organizers and Group Leaders Cannot Be Held Responsible For You or Your Dog's Actions or Those of Other Participants or Their Dogs.