Be A Pack Leader Dog Walking Club, St. Augustine, Florida

"A Dog Connects You to Nature"

Nicole Slack and Her Shi tuz Dog Bailey/Valerie Dahl and Her Dog Ruben

Nicole has problems with Bailey being stubborn and not listening to her and more than once she has run off into the road. Nicole says Bailey listens to her but the rest of the family she ignores. The entire family are eager to get started on training so that Bailey can one day become a therapy dog.

Ruben was a stray when Valerie found him 5 1/2 years ago and he was afraid of a lot of things. He's come along way with Valerie but he's still afraid of many things like thunder, loud noises, camers, remotes, cellphones and people holding stick like objects in their hands. Valerie is hoping that by socializing Ruben at the obedience classes she can gather the information she needs to boost Ruben's confidence and trust levels.

Nicole and Valerie are doing their training with Sherrie Keshner from A1A Dog Training.


Dog Walkers Award Scholarships (St. Augustine Record 6/10/12)

Faith and Samson Awarded Scholarship

At 100 pounds Samson was very difficult to walk especially when he saw another dog on the street.  He would lunge aggressively at other dogs and almost pull Faith to the ground.  Samson needed to learn some manners on the leash and Faith was ready to become his pack leader.  They both did their training with Custom K9 Dog Training.

Tom and Luna Awarded Scholarship   

Luna had aggression problems around other dogs so Tom and Luna were sent to Custom K9 Dog Training. They are learning a lot and Luna is slowly beginning to behave around other dogs.