Be A Pack Leader Dog Walking Club, St. Augustine, Florida

"A Dog Connects You to Nature"

Essay Winner Rita Saker and Her Dog Izzy with Kalani and Riva Saker and Trainer Silke Schroder from Pet Camp

Rita has problems with Izzy barking aggressively at other dogs and people. Izzy was not a well socialized dog growing up but her family is committed to socializing her more with strangers and other dogs.  Izzy did her training with Silke Schroder from Pet Camp.

Essay Winner Stacey Jones and Her Dog Thor

Stacey wants to be a stronger leader to Thor.  He has problem behaviors such as pulling on the leash, jumping and hesitating when given a command.  She wants her dog to eventually become a therapy dog.  She did her training with Silke Schroder at Pet Camp.

Essay Winner Joan Lalonde and Her Dog Cutie With Trainer Andi Bower

Joan had trouble with Cutie barking aggressively and lunging out at other dogs and people.  Because Cutie lacks manners especially around other dogs Joan was concerned that he might be hurt by one. Joan did her training with Andi Bower.

Rhonda Swain and Her Dog Daizy

Rhonda has problems with Daizy being nervous and anxious around other dogs.  Because Daizy is so fearful with dogs she will sometimes curl her lip, snarl and snap at dogs and Rhonda felt she needed more intensive socialization training and exposure to other canines.  She hopes the training will calm Daizy down so she'll finally start to feel more relaxed around her own species. Rhonda and Daizy are doing their training with Allison and Rene Hofstetter from Custom K9.


Essay Winner Jennifer Shamback and Her Dog Harpua

Jennifer is having problems with Harpua being overprotective.  On their walks when she encounters another dog Harpua will lunge and bark aggressively.  Also, when Harpua gets overly excited she will jump on people. Jennifer and Harpua are doing their training with Allison and Rene Hofstetter from Custom K9.