Be A Pack Leader Dog Walking Club, St. Augustine, Florida

"A Dog Connects You to Nature"

Who We Are

"Be A Pack Leader Dog Walking Club" is an informal/loose knit group of dog lovers who enjoy spending time with their dogs and like walking. 

The club usually meets twice a month at parks or nature preserves and sometimes we carry a picnic lunch or stop to dine at dog friendly restaurants.  We welcome any dog lover to initiate their own dog walk or event. 

Faver-Dykes State Park Dog Walk Video 

To participate on the dog walks all dogs must be vaccinated and on a 6 foot leash. We always pick-up after our dogs so don't forget clean-up bags. You'll also want to carry plenty of water for you and your dog(s).

For More Information Contact Julie or Annie

Julie: (904) 471-5579/

Annie: (904) 797-2197/

"The Love of A Dog Awakens Your Spirit and Connects You to Nature"

We've hosted canine CPR, veterinary care, wolf education, healthy dog food, dog training and put your dog to work as a therapy dog programs at SJC libraries.

We also celebrated dogs in October 2010 by hosting a "Blessing of the Dogs" at Vail Point Park with retired clergyman, Lee Weaver administering the blessings.

On March 26, 2011 Be A Pack Leader Dog Walking Club hosted a sheepherding demonstration at Pacetti Road Pet Spa with Master Sheepherder Maurice (Mac) Macgregor (see video) who came from Mims, Florida with his champion Gilchrist Spot Border Collies.  It was a sight to behold these Border Collies doing what they've done for centuries. Everyone had a great time watching the dogs work, talking to Mac and visiting the Pacetti Road Pet Spa.

On March 28, 2011 Be A Pack Leader Dog Walking Club hosted a program on K-9 working dogs at the SJC Main Branch Library.  The program was called Police Dogs: What It Takes To Be A K-9 Cop. Speakers were St. Johns County Sheriff's Deputies Melanie Russell and Josh Underwood with their K-9 partners Kahlua, a Bloodhound used for tracking and Aero, a full service Chek Shepherd.  This was a very informative program that helped educate the public about the service that police dogs provide to the community.

On January 26, 2012 we hosted a wonderful program called "Is Your Dog Watching You"and our quest speaker was Dr. Monique Udell Assistant Professor Of Social Sciences at Flagler College.  Dr. Udell has studied the interactions between humans and a number of domesticated and non-domesticated species including domestic dogs, wolves, coyotes and bats leading to national and international conference presentations and scientific journal publications. She is co-founder of the Canine Cognition and Behavior Lab at the University of Florida.  This program was a huge success with the public and it was standing room only at the Anastasia Library!

On January 28, 2012 we held a garage sale to raise money for our dog obedience scholarship and it was a huge success!  Thanks to all those that donated and volunteered to help Saturday and Sunday!

On February 12, 2012 we held a Valentine's Day "Paws For A Cause" Dog Walk to raise money for the pack leader scholarship fund.  It was a COLD day for the event but a few brave dog walkers came out to support the cause.  We had great baked goods, homemade lasagna, hot coffee and treats for the dogs!  It was cold but fun! Thanks to those that came out for the walk and everyone that volunteered!

On February, 23, 2012 we hosted a Dog Bite Prevention-Stay Safe Around Dogs program with special guest speaker veterinarian Dr. Kristen Jones from Animal Emergency Hospital St. Johns. Because dogs are non-verbal it's their body language that does the talking and we must learn their language to be safe.  This was a very important program and everyone in attendance was seemed interested in the topic.

In November 2012 we hosted a program titled "Silver Whiskers" at St. Johns Veterinary Clinic where Dr. Mark Gendzier discussed the special care needed for senior dogs.  It was a wonderful program and we thank St. Johns Vet for helping us understand how to make sure our older dogs stay happy and healthy! 

On January 12, 2013 we hosted a program on Pit Bulls titled: "Breaking Through Stereotypes: Learning About the Real Pit Bull" Our guest speaker was Jen Watson, President and Founder of Pit Sisters, a 501(c) 3 non-profit rescue organization in Jacksonville, Fl.  She was accompanied by her Pit Bull therapy dog Nala.  It was an interesting program that opened the eyes of many about the myth that ALL Pit Bull Terriers are vicious dogs. 

On January, 26, 2013 we held another garage sale and raised additional money for our pack leader dog training scholarship fund.  It was a great success. Thanks to everyone who donated items and volunteered the day of the sale.  


Julie's Mobile Dog Training Service

Julie Became A Certified Dog Trainer From Animal Behavior College In September 2010.  The Certified Dog Training Program Included 18 Weeks Of An Externship With A Certified Dog Trainer And Volunteer Work At A Shelter To Train Dogs To Be More Adoptable. 

Julie Visits Homes To Evaluate And Train Dogs And Humans In Their Own Environment. On Occasion She Will Hold Basic Obedience Dog Training Classes At Shelters Or Rescues With Part Of The Fee Going To That Organization.

She Also Holds Several Free Dog Training Clinics Throughout The Year.

She is a member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers.

Julie's dog training website at:

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